UK General Election 2015 Visualiser – have a play with politics!

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On the news when you hear that Labour are 3 points ahead in the UK general election  polls, do you know what that means for your local MP? If UKIP surges to 20% of the national vote does that mean we can expect UKIP to have a 100+ MP’s?

Even the most geeky of politico’s would struggle to answer those questions. That’s why RMA Labs* created the Election 2015 Visualiser – a tool to help people visualise and understand what swings in national voting really means, both nationally and at local constituency level. See what effect your vote could have!

The UK has a complex parliamentary system where local politics and the social makeup of an area influence the outcome of any vote. For instance, affluent areas such as Henley-upon-Thames are much more likely to be Conservative, whatever the swing to other parties. By adjusting  the number of votes for each constituency (based on the swing in the polls per party in the UK general election 2015) compared to the last election, this tool shows a prediction of the change in votes for each party. The result – a UK general election 2015 visualisation of a predicted result per constituency. You can also explore some scenarios we prepared for a bit of fun.

Play around, make your own prediction
The Election 2015 Visualiser lets you make your own political predictions. Play around and see what really happens when there are large changes in the national vote – the results may not be what you expect!

Please note, the UK general election Visualiser does not factor in how local issues may affect local voters but it does provide a way of understanding the broader view of what polls really mean – we hope in a fun and engaging way.

* RMA Labs is where our team of creative technologists, designers and UX experts play around with new technologies, UX problems, data visualisation concepts and other interesting challenges – helps keep our minds sharp and the insights flowing. This visualiser is something we whipped up in a couple of days for fun.