Tweather – All in a Twitter over the Weather [Data Visualisation Animation]

Design, Presentation, Visualisation
Tweather – weather data visualisation animation

It’s a well-known fact that us Brits obsess about the weather (often whilst drinking tea). And from time to time we do like to exaggerate – griping about the wet stuff, moaning when it’s too hot. But are we alone? Do other countries share our passion for meteorological subject matter? That’s one of the questions we wanted to address with our weather data visualisation animation in Google Chrome.

Twitter was an obvious platform to turn to, splattered with people’s tweets about the weather the world over. Our data visualisation specialists were also curious to compare the actual temperature with the tweets we were seeing – did they correlate, did tweet sentiment match the Celsius and which nations exaggerate the most? And so in our Lab we created Tweather!

Tweather, our 3D data visualisation animation shows the velocity of weather related tweets from people in 4 cities around the world – London, New  York, San Francisco and Sydney. The dominant weather pattern, based on the number of tweets over a 15 minute period, appears as a block (the bigger the block the more tweets have occurred). To the left of the blocks appears the actual temperature reported in that city at the same time. And so now in 3D you can witness and compare Twitter sentiments about each City and its weather.

About RMA Labs Projects

At RMA we enjoy working on Data Visualisation Lab projects like this which allow us to visualise data in interesting or unusual ways – but always with the ultimate aim of creating a great user experience. As a starting point we create a technical proof of concept which, if successful, enables us to explore these visualisation ideas in the future for more commercial uses. With the Tweather project we mainly focused on extracting data from a public API and then converted it into a form which could be used in a visualisation. This experiment is best viewed in Google Chrome on a desktop computer.