Speaking about data visualisation at HCID’s “Design at Work” Open Day

Design, Presentation, Visualisation
Better decisions, by design – data visualisation for decision support

I was recently invited by the Centre for Human-Computer Interaction Design(HCID) to speak at their May Open Day –  a day where a mix of 350 or so UX professionals, academics and students gather to hear about compelling real-life examples of UX and HCI work.

I was delighted to be asked to join the likes of Thomson Reuters, TFL, and BAE Systems at the event. This year’s theme was “Design at Work” which set out to cover everything from designing products aimed at business environments and best practice within design professions, to advice on how researchers and designers can “play along nicely”.

All of RMA Consulting’s design projects focus on making day-in-day-out work easier, faster and more delightful – so I had to think hard about what to focus on for the talk. In the end I decided to talk about some of the Visualisation work we’ve done. Helping businesses harness the data they need through well–designed visualisations is something RMA is often asked to do and I thought I could share some of the things we’ve learned while doing it. My talk, “Better decisions, by design – data visualisation for decision support” went down pretty well it think, so if you like you can download the slides below.

What the talk’s about?

The talk looks at why well-designed visualisations are important, how they can make a difference and the importance of democratising big data. It also explores how visualisation impacts different types of users, focusing on some of the different types of data visualisations and their relevance to the work environment. You’ll also see examples of data visualisation work RMA has created to help professional users make better decisions, faster. I hope you enjoy it.