What RMA saw this week… design tools & lessons, a moody app & lightning

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1) 7 UX design tools for an effective Scrum workflow by UNITiD

7 UX design tools for an effective Scrum workflow

What’s this all about?
The guys at UNITiD interaction designers have written about running more and more projects using the Agile Scrum method. Turns out their largest projects are almost all now conducted in multidisciplinary Scrum teams.

What does RMA say?
“Some worthwhile workflow suggestions on a toolset that we seem to converging with.” Mischa Weiss-Lijn, Head of Experience Design.

2) Five practical lessons for responsive design by UNITiD

Five practical lessons for responsive design

What’s this all about?
As it is becoming increasingly important for companies for their website to work properly on smartphones, tablets and desktop computers, the demand for responsive design is also increasing. It’s no different at UNITiD.

What does RMA say?
“Interesting read on template-based approach for responsive design, also from the UNITeD team.” llaria Oberto, Visual Designer.

3) Monument Valley developer moves into mental health with Moodnotes app by The Guardian

Monument Valley's Moodnotes app

What’s this all about?
Ustwo’s mood-tracking joint venture is based on cognitive behavioural therapy principles, aiming to help people understand their highs and lows.

What does RMA say?
“In case you’d not heard… some cool goings-on from the guys at Monument Valley. Kudos to them.” Ilaria Oberto, Visual Designer.

4) Google loses data as lightning strikes – BBC News

Lightning strikes Google 3 times

What’s this all about?
Google has said data was wiped from discs at one of its data centres in Belgium – after the local power grid was struck by lightning four times.

What does RMA say?
“The real clouds are avenging their name infringement.” Benjamin Hobson, Experience Design Director.

5) This is why mom doesn’t F@cking love you! by Lance Kale Jackman on YouTube


What is this all about?
Boy shoots gun in the house. Boy scares brother. Brother responds with base thought.

What does RMA say?
“One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen…” Aaron Withey, Design Director.


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