What RMA saw this week… Romain Laurent, 4 year old wisdom, another nice dataviz and some seeds

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Here’s what us folks at RMA have been reading and chatting about in the office this week…

1) A Reduce Speed Dial by Volkswagen

Reduce speed dial

What’s this all about?
A short video from Volkswagen which explores whether a child’s drawing can make a parent a safer driver. Quite moving and a cute little piece of film too.

What does RMA say?
“Lovely idea!” Irina Chiew, Senior Interaction Designer.

2) Sennep seedsSennep Seeds example

What’s this all about?
In brief… it’s an evolving collection of experiments that explore coded-motion, interactivity and visual expression. (And we think it looks pretty awesome.)

What does RMA say?
“I thought it was really cool because it explores the link between visual arts and digital interaction.” Ilaria Oberto, Visual Designer.

3) Romain Laurent photographyRomain Laurent

What’s this all about?
A collection of rather brilliant photographs from none other than Romain Laurent.

What does RMA say?
“Enjoy Romain Laurent… you’ll thank me for it later… Happy Friday…” Aaron Withey, Design Director.

4) Explaining graphic design to four-year-olds by Dean Vipond

4 year old viewWhat’s this all about?
Whitty piece on an encounter with some 4 year olds which turned out to be an exercise in boiling down what you do, to its most basic elements.

What does RMA say?
“Hahaha, great way to describe to our clients what we do!” Irina Chiew, Senior Interaction Designer.

5) America-shakes-off-oil-addiction from Bloomberg

Bloomberg - oil comsumption in the US dataviz

What’s this all about?
The story of oil consumption over time in the US, depicted using some neat data visualisation.

What does RMA say?
“Lovely bit of dataviz work used to tell a story…” Aaron Withey, Design Director

6) Sensory maps

Sensory Maps

What’s this all about?
A clever exploration of how multiple senses and channels can be used to create engaging maps.

What does RMA say?

“I thought it could interest RMA design team to discover other ways to explore data through multiple senses and channels.” Gilles Tabart, Interaction Designer.


Images courtesy of original article sources.