What RMA saw this week… Post-its galore, Google’s latest shopping spree & some machine learning stuff

Design, News, Opinion, Visualisation

Here’s what the folks at RMA have been reading and chatting about in the office this week…

1) A Visual Introduction to Machine Learning by R2D3

Machine learning - image courtesy of R2D3

What’s this all about?
A neat dataviz that explains how computers apply statistical learning techniques to automatically identify patterns in data.

What does RMA say?
“Lovely bit of explanatory visualisation,” Mischa Weiss-Lijn, Head of Experience Design.

2) Google’s latest shopping spree

Image courtesy of Pixate

What’s this all about?
Prototyping just got easier. And freer.

What does RMA say?
“Google just bought prototyping tool Pixate, and it’s now free to use!”, Rory Watts, Senior Interaction Designer.

3) Cute and colourful superhero mural made from over 8,000 Post-It notes lines the walls of an office by Creative Boom

Post-it notes superheros - courtesy of Creative Boom

What’s this all about?
The clue is in the title. Basically, a neat representation of Superheros made purely from sticky notes.

What does RMA say?
“ ‘Super’cool. But who’s taking it down?” Aaron Withey, Design Director.

4) Essential Sticky Note Advice: “How to stick a sticky note” by  @

post-it note advice

What’s this all about?
Perfect for the post-it note geek – advice on how to apply sticky notes to maximise their life on a wall. And now life is complete.

What does RMA say?
“I notice that some of our sticky notes are not holding as long as they could be, so here’s a tip on the best way to peel them… it really works… #LifeLessons”, says Rory Watts, Senior Interaction Designer.