What RMA saw this week… Lego UX brainstorming, popular fonts and a RoBoHoN

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Here’s what us folks at RMA have been reading and chatting about in the office this week…

1) Fontreach


What’s this all about?
Perfect for those obsessed with fonts – a site that scans millions of popular sites to show the most used fonts.

What does RMA say?
“Reads like a font-face cascade list,” Stuart Eggleston, Senior Interaction Designer.

2)  UX LEGO Design process

Lego for UX brainstorming

What’s this all about?
Basically it’s about UX brainstorming with Toy Bricks – who knew brainstorming could be so much more interesting?!

What does RMA say?
“FUN! Now we just need a truck load of Lego…” Myriam Wiesenfeld, UX designer.

3) Sketch-Constraints via GitHub

What’s this all about?
A plugin that integrates constraints in Sketch to lay out layers.

What does RMA say?
“Nice sketch plugin.” Stuart Eggleston, Senior Interaction Designer.

4) It’s A Robot! It’s A Smartphone! No, It’s RoBoHoN


What’s this all about?
Sharp has made a phone unlike anything else on the market. This video introduces you to RoBoHoN, – the world’s first robot smartphone that can talk, walk, remind users to buy groceries and even dance.

What does RMA say?
“Great, now when I deliberately leave my phone in another room for a bit of peace, the damn thing can come and find me.” Stephen Loader, UX Consultant.


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