What RMA saw this week… iPhone gestures, hot reloading & Lego for the soul

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1) One of the new iPhone 6S features could be more advanced than we thought by BusinessInsider

iphone 6 gestures

What’s this all about?
An article all about the new iPhone’s ability to to detect three levels of tap pressure..

What does RMA say?
“A new dimension of gestures is pretty exciting!” Rory Watts, Senior Interaction Designer.

2) Live React: Hot Reloading with Time Travel at react-europe 2015 by Dan Abramov


What’s this all about?
A talk exploring how
React can be used together with Webpack Hot Module.

What does RMA say?
Demo for an action logger with time travel UI, hot reloading and error handling for the reducer.Sam Latif, Frontend Developer.

3) LEGO Kits and Your Creative Soul from wnyc.org

Lego and your soulWhat’s this all about?
A 25 min Podcast for your Monday commutes about Lego and creativity.

What does RMA say?
Tune in this Monday!” Rory Watts, Senior Interaction Designer.


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