What RMA saw this week… homemade computers, robots taking over & a sketch bank

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Here’s what us folks at RMA have been reading and chatting about in the office this week…

1) CodeDoodle.es 


What’s this all about?
A rather lovely site packed full of curated creative coding sketches. Well worth a look in.

What does RMA say?
“How much do I love this site!” Aaron Withey, Design Director.

2) Technology has created more jobs than it has destroyed by BusinessInsider

Business Innsie=d

What’s this all about?
Deloitte found after analysing 140 years of data that tech has been a “great job-creating machine”.

What does RMA say?
“I see a future where almost all jobs will be interpersonal/creative, which can’t be emulated by a machine, whilst the boring stuff like resource extraction/transport etc. will be looked after by machines.” Rory Watts, Senior Interaction Designer.

3) Kano: a computer anyone can make


What’s this all about?
Kano lets kids (and adults) build, learn and create using a computer they make themselves.

What does RMA say?
I’m on it… whipping up our very own computer as we speak!” Irina Chiew, Senior Interaction Designer.


Images courtesy of original article sources.