What are our favourite apps and websites, and why?

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Our design team regularly get together over lunch to share their expertise, recent design challenges and the latest tricks of the trade. During their last get together they all shared their favourite apps and websites. Below are the digital experiences they found to be either useful, beautiful or inspiring! RMA strives to achieve all of these in our designs.

Why I love Barclays Banking Mobile App

Mei Tan, Interaction Designer: “My love knows no bounds for the Barclays Mobile Banking App. I do all my mobile banking on the app and rarely use the website. The information architecture and hierarchy are ace and they’ve visually represented the information brilliantly too. It’s incredibly easy and clear to navigate around the app, and they’ve surfaced the most important actions for their users. To me, their software updates and the way they’ve designed the app says that they listen and understand their users’ needs and are making clever and thoughtful decisions with the usage data they have.”


Why I love Forecast App

Nenad Kojic, Senior Visual Designer:Forecast is an application that shows you the weather in a beautiful and unique way. It has an intuitive interface; the data is presented well and there are animated elements that add interest to the experience, without being distracting. Unlike other apps, it utilises a purely graphical style to convey weather information. Being unique takes intelligence and bravery and I like that it has broken the mould.”


“This View from Emirates site is nice too… it doesn’t do much but, as a vehicle for encouraging travel and seeing beautiful places its single minded purpose is brilliantly realised. Its simple to use and makes me wish I was on holiday right now.”


Why I love the Trainline App

Myriam Wiesenfeld, User Experience Designer: “The Trainline app is convenient and well thought out: easy to read, easy to use, with all relevant information displayed upfront. As you can log-in, it is perfect to track what trips are coming up and how much they cost. It has replaced all other train and railways apps and websites in my life! “


Why I love SkyView App

Rory Watts, Senior Interaction Designer: SkyView Free is a stargazing app that uses your camera to precisely spot and identify celestial objects in the sky, day or night. “It’s a beautifully simple, yet engaging app. There is no superfluous content. Users are taken straight in to the main app experience after loading. They interact with the content purely by moving their phone around, discovering planets, stars and constellations as they do.”

Why I love DueDil

Mischa Weiss-Lijn, Head of Experience Design:DueDil is an online tool that takes live company data from a wide range of authoritative sources, to uncover business opportunities and understand risks. I like its elegant attention to detail on a B2B experience, in particular the gorgeous full page search take over.”


Why I love Zoopla

Gilles Tabart, Senior Interaction Designer: “I like the Lasso selection tools used on maps, such as Zoopla, as it is useful to refine your search at a street level. These websites are also expert at nesting relevant pieces of information about a specific property (plans, proximity, mortgage possibilities etc).”


Why I love mindsparklemag.com

Gary Haslam, Senior Visual Designer:Mindsparkle Mag is my ultimate design inspiration. It is a high quality online magazine that promotes the most beautiful and inspiring projects in the fields of Design, Websites and Videos. I also love Httpster for more website design loveliness and typetoken.net for the typographers out there.”


If you have a favourite app or website you’d like to share with our Designers, please leave us a comment and tell us all about it.