Roll like Tom Kerridge: THE Perfect Christmas Turkey Roll Planner [visualisation]

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Christmas Turkey Roll Planner


Found yourself in charge of the Christmas Dinner this year and not feeling particularly Rick Stein about it? Fear not, we’ve designed the perfect tool to take you from start to finish – each step planned out to perfectly slot into the overall recipe process. Often the trouble with recipes is that it’s not clear what tasks can happen in parallel, meaning time is lost and prep takes longer. To give you more mulled wine drinking time we’ve visualised every step needed to coordinate making a tasty Turkey Roll with Christmas Crumble topping in the most efficient way. (Better still, it’s based on the exquisite recipe from British Celeb Chef Tom Kerridge*)




Rethought from the user’s perspective (i.e. chefs like you and us) our Christmas Turkey Roll Planner visualisation tool is the product of one of our Labs projects. Keen advocates for helping people master their everyday we were confident the experience of following a recipe could be improved by presenting it through a well constructed data visualisation.


We’d like to hear how you found following this turkey roll prep process – drop us a line at and let us know how you got on or tweet your turkey pictures to @RMA_Consulting.


* Recipe created by Tom Kerridge (thank you, we enjoyed making it, but loved eating it even more!), source courtesy of the BBC Food website.