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Musical interactions – part 2

Design, Opinion, UX

I was really (pleasantly) surprised to get so much audience participation and questioning after my talk at the Digital Brand Jam event at Brunel - especially after I shot down on one of the questions around music industry, and how easy it was to distribute these days. The questions were...

When it’s all a little too perfect

Design, Opinion, UX

At some level almost every presentation we make is an interpretation of the facts that we are presenting. Even when we present all of the data, the way in which we present it will usually betray some level of bias, and certainly when we begin to abstract data we exclude...

10 ways to improve your relationship with your developer

Collaboration, Development/Tech, Experience, Interaction Design, Top tips, UX

Whatever project we’re working on, our process starts and ends with deep collaboration - with our clients, with end users, and with each other. Our designers and front-end developers work closely together from the outset, to ensure that they maximise the technology opportunities that exist, and that what is designed can actually be...