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Sketchy behaviour at Google

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Jason and Sam visited the big G on Tuesday to run a workshop building on the hugely popular Sketching Interfaces session they did at Interactions12 (Dublin) and HCID (London), earlier this year. Even though the Googlers rated themselves a mixed bunch, in terms of confidence and ability, there was some impressive sketch...

Whichever way the wind is blowing

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When it comes down to flexibility and adaptability, the British wardrobe is a thing of beauty. Not for us the predictable lightweight sunshine wardrobe of the Californian, confident that every day will be as warm and sunny as the last. Nor the clear cut seasonal wardrobe of the Scandinavian; plenty...

10 ways to improve your relationship with your developer

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Whatever project we’re working on, our process starts and ends with deep collaboration - with our clients, with end users, and with each other. Our designers and front-end developers work closely together from the outset, to ensure that they maximise the technology opportunities that exist, and that what is designed can actually be...