Digital Transformation – Your employees are consumers too!

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The Wall Street Journal: Employee user experience interview

As part of the The Business Debate’s Digital Transformation series RMA’s VP of Design George Neill went to the London Stock Exchange to talk to Sarah Lockett. The interview focused on user experience innovation and employee UX. You can now watch the interview on The Wall Street Journal website.

The Business Debate Employee UX Interview

Give your employees consumer-grade digital experiences

For too long now employees have endured technology-led digital tools that don’t make their jobs easier and that don’t reflect their experiences in the outside world.

Whether its sales, stock control, timesheets or customer support, it is time for businesses to take into account how people actually think and act and give their employees tools they want to use.

While it’s often hard for organisations to change entrenched processes – especially if they’re perceived to work – updating digital tools to improve the employee UX will reap the benefits:

  • increased productivity
  • increased staff retention and talent acquisition
  • improved efficiency
  • higher levels of innovation

The essence of user centred design, however, is to drive out the users’ real needs, goals and barriers to task completion. From the earliest stages of a project, designers need to question users on why things are done in a certain way, to uncover the ‘soul’ of the application. This is an important part of our approach at RMA, which starts and ends with deep collaboration.

Every day digital experiences that are anything but everyday

At RMA we conceive and deliver transformative solutions designed for longevity, which your employees (or clients) actually want to use. Our strategic, UX design and front-end technology consultants love to work on large-scale, complex, digital requirements to deliver functional tools with powerfully intuitive user experiences.

Part of the NTT DATA family, we’ve been creating award-winning digital solutions since 2005 for clients such as UBS, Morgan Stanley, NATO and the Met Office.