Data for the people: 4 core data user types [infographic]

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In case you were in any doubt, it’s here to stay. Big Data has made it into the Oxford Dictionary. Despite such formal recognition and regardless of its clear definition, to many organisations how to unlock its potential remains a challenge.

Big data sits high on the agenda with 85% of fortune 1000 companies having initiatives in progress. The few who’ve cracked the code are using it day-in, day-out to drive decision-making. They have gone a step further by making Big Data accessible – not just to decision-makers but to people across the broader organisation, allowing them to tap into its real potential.

The key to success is focusing on “people”, since it is they who, in the end, drive business processes and make the decisions.

Truly democratising data means enabling people across your organisation to help you achieve more data-driven decision-making. Without first understanding how different people absorb and use data, your Big Data initiative will only to go so far. To help us get a better understanding here, in our infographic we defined four core Data User Type groups.

Focus on the data junkies and the dataphobes. Give data junkies tools and sophisticated data visualisations which  leverage their love of numbers and spreadsheets and you’ll see productivity improve. For dataphobes visualisation is a powerful way to counteract a lack of confidence with all things ‘data’. Done well and big data visualisation will drive better problem solving and decision-making day-in, day-out.  Data scientists, once given access to the data they need, will take care of themselves; that is what makes them so sought after. However data scientists will need visualisation tools to convey their insights to the rest of their organisation: to the board, middle management, and to people on the shop or factory floor.

By gaining insight into these groups and the part they play in the data-driven decision-making in your organisation you can make a big step towards unlocking that hidden Big Data potential.

If you’d like a deeper dive into how data visualisations can help you realise competitive advantage download our “Democratising Big Data: Driving enterprise productivity with Data Visualisation” whitepaper for:

* Advice on how to look after your data junkies and data phobes
* Real life examples of how visualisation can empower the broader organisation
* Insight into the brain’s powerful visual system and its capacity to absorb data
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