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We make the complex beautifully simple
“Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity.”
-Charles Mingus, renowned jazz guru & wise man.

We’re with Charles on this one.

Take Steve…day to day, Steve’s multitasking skills have to kick into gear. One screen running five software systems, today’s activity report printouts to his left, and Post-its with this month’s login details to his right – all of them necessary for him to do his job well and manage his clients. Lots of clutter.

But back to Charles’s point. The clutter and complexities involved in Steve’s day-to-day is what gets our cogs whirring. And so we engrain ourselves in Steve’s business , sitting in his and in his clients’ seats too, understanding the business inside and out. Then we start sketching new processes and interfaces. Going tangible early like this, bringing things to life visually, sets us on the right route.

We dive into the multitude of systems and technologies that sit behind his screen, getting under the skin of what he needs to do his job really well. From here we begin mapping out technical solutions that actually work for Steve.

As we iterate, we also draw on the explorations carried out in our Labs projects. It’s here we get to play with UX challenges, technologies and design which is often what leads to our eureka moments.

“We’re in the business of making technology that works for people so well they don’t need training to use it. They just jump in and get going.”
– Peter Lelliott, MD, RMA Consulting

That final, powerfully simple user interface that Steve now interacts with every day is the cherry on top. It’s the part where we get to create something beautiful.

Everything is brought together – the terabytes of data pulled from five systems (three legacy), the different technologies spanning each department and connecting several businesses, plus that bunch of Post-it notes. The result: one incredibly smooth customer experience. And you wouldn’t have a clue those systems were all there.

That’s when we know we’ve done our job. When the complex seems really quite simple.

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